Music Pop: For Those About to Rock


Artist: AC/DC

Year: 1981

Example song: For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)

This may seem an odd album to open a blog on, but bear with me.

I’m currently in the middle (hah) of an epic quest to rate every song in my iTunes library, as part of my broader mission to experience as much (different) entertainment as possible.  Gone are the days of thousands of songs sitting in my iTunes, never to be played and discovered.  This, I have found out, is easier said than done.  As I type my library consists of 14916 songs, of which 4141 are yet to be rated.  Considering the latest Eminem album was released yesterday (The Marshall Mathers LP 2 – watch this space), this is likely to go up within the hour, and the only reason the number is so low (hah) is that I now only allow myself to add songs (albums) to my library as I rate (my current policy is to rate 2,000 songs before I allow myself to add another 1000).  This quest will theoretically end when my iPod is full, but then comes the new task of trimming the fat in order to create the perfect iPod.  Anyway, I’ll crawl across that bridge when I get to it.

So the point I guess I’m trying to make here is that more often than not, when I review an album it’s probably the first time I’m hearing it myself.  Most of the time I feel unfortunately guilty listening to an album I’ve already rated, like I’m wasting valuable discovery time.  So the albums I rate (for now) might seem a bizarre choice, but I do have a system.  Kinda.  Movies, books and the like follow a similar pattern, although maybe not to such an extreme.  Again, I’ll cross that bridge when I reach it.  Seems like the Yellow Brick Road goes over a lot of bridges on the way to the Emerald City of popular culture.  Or something.  Regardless; on with the show.

For Those About To Rock can be largely described as “an AC/DC album”.  This isn’t necessarily praise or criticism, just a simple truth.  AC/DC are a band I enjoy, and I found the album enjoyable.  The lyrics can be clever, but every song sounds sorta the same.  This is a general problem with the works of AC/DC.  The fact that I can’t actually tell if that was the first time I heard the album or not is hardly surprising.  Take out Back in BlackHighway to Hell and TNT and I challenge anyone to tell the difference between the rest of the band’s back catalogue.  Again, this isn’t a criticism.  If you like AC/DC, then you’ll probably like this album.  It is, after all, an AC/DC album.

My Rating: 6.5/10


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