On Books, Part One

Have I ever mentioned that I love books?  I also love reading.  Which do I prefer?  That’s a hard question to answer, probably because I don’t really understand it, so I’m not even going to try right now.  Maybe one day.

As hard as I fight against the tide, I constantly buy more books than I read.  It’s really annoying.  It doesn’t help that I have all of these reading goals, like “read a book by an author from every country in the world”, so if, for example, I see a book by a Fijian author it’s incredibly difficult not to buy, because when am I ever likely to see one of those again?  It also doesn’t help that it’s much easier (faster) to buy a book than to read one.  Finally (for now), it doesn’t help that I work in a bookshop one day a week.

I used to hang onto books after I finished them, but I really try not to any more.  The question I ask is “am I ever going to read this again?” and if the answer is “probably not”, which it usually is, I get rid of it somehow.  I started a (criminally underused) book swap box at my office and joined a book-swapping website and have had great success in passing on books.  One of the most important things to me is that everyone should be able to read whatever they want, and giving books away is my small contribution towards that goal.  It really helps my bookshelves too.

book swap
Clip Art lives on!

By the way, if you ever happen to see me reading a book that you would like to read, let me know – you can probably have it.

I called this post part one because I will certainly write more about books in the future.  Have I ever mentioned that I love books?


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