On Volleyball

Volleyball is fun.

It’s one of those things that I’m not actually any good at, but I get an unfair advantage by being tall.  Maybe I could be good at it with practice but that’s never going to happen realistically.

I miss playing sports.  I have recently taken up running, cycling, and going to the gym, but I wish I could play more team sports, particularly football.  I used to play football at least a couple of times a month with friends but not for many years now.  There are opportunities to play team sports (including football) at work and I would definitely like to do that at some point, but what’s stopping me more than anything is the time commitment.  There’s too much to do, god damn it!

Anyway, it was refreshing to play volleyball for an hour or so today with a load of people who are as bad at it as I am.  Same again next year!


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