On (Breaking) Streaks

After two solid weeks of writing something every day, I didn’t get a chance to write the last two days – and that’s fine.

I like streaks, but they always have to end at some point.  The sooner it ends, the less disappointed I’m going to be when it does!  It also gives me something to aim for once the streak is broken – now, having successfully written for 14 days, I have a realistic target to beat next time.  Whereas if I had broken my streak after, say, 140 days, not only would I be hugely annoyed with myself, but I would also be highly demotivated at the prospect of reaching such an unattainable-seeming achievement at any time in the near future.

So that’s how I feel about it.  Here’s to 15+ days of continued writing, coming up!  I hope.

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