An update.

An update

Hello, loyal followers. You may have (but probably haven’t) noticed my distinct lack of activity over the last six-and-a-bit months. This has an explanation.

I won’t go into too much detail, but on February 4th some problems I was having with addictions came out into the open. My life was turned upside down through the revelation of a long history of harmful and hurtful behaviour. Blogging has understandaby paled into insignificance while I have tried to get my life back on track. With the support of my wonderful girlfriend, who I am ubelievably lucky to have, things are moving in the right direction and I’ve decided there might be a place in my life again for some calm reviewing.

You’ll probably notice a slightly different theme to my pops – I’m going through a period where I hardly watch any movies! In fact, I’m totally out of the loop. I am however reading voraciously, and forever listening to music. My updates also aren’t going to be nearly as frequent as before as I devote more of my attention to some important aspects of life that have previously been somewhat neglected.

I’m a much better person that I was six months ago, and my life is fuller. Maybe I’ll become a better blogger too? We can only hope.

Thanks for reading!