On Coffee

I like coffee.

I didn’t always like coffee.  I remember specifically the first two times I bought coffee out, although I don’t remember what order they were in.  One was in a Gregg’s in my hometown and the other was in a Starbucks the next town over.  Both times I went along with it because I thought it was mature-seeming, and both times I hated it.

To be honest, that hasn’t really changed all that much – what has changed is that I realise what I like, which is not actually coffee, but coffee and sugar.  I can stomach a straight coffee these days but it’s just too bitter for me.  I will take a black coffee with two sugars all day long.  White coffee with no sugar isn’t quite sweet enough and white with sugar is too sweet, so I prefer to just leave milk out of the equation.  Although my go-to Costa drink is a mocha latte (I never managed to reconcile myself with Starbucks).

I first really got into coffee in about my second year of university, when I drank cups and cups of it to stay up all night revising (or learning for the first time) before tests.  I didn’t drink hot drinks with any regularity before I came to university and then in my first year I fell in with the tea crowd.  I’m fond of tea but I hardly drink it any more – it’s just such a hassle compared with coffee!  All of that stirring and squeezing and disposing of teabags; give me a spoonful of instant coffee any day.

Which brings me on to my next point(s).  First, I greatly prefer instant coffee to filter coffee.  People look at me funny when I admit it, but it’s just nicer.  Sorry.  And second, I have no idea if I’m making instant coffee properly.  Every packet of coffee assumes that you know what you’re doing, and I’m too embarrassed to ask.  Which means for five years of coffee-drinking I’ve literally been guessing.  Hell, it tastes good and I’m not dead, so it’ll do.